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Proud Tradition of Quality


Valley Tissue Culture is a seed potato company whose dedicated workers uphold a family tradition of producing the highest quality seed stock available and selling it for a fair price.

The exacting process of micropropagation is the key to producing seed that gives your potatoes the best possible start.

High product quality standards and the best customer service in the industry is what puts Valley Tissue Culture ahead of the competition. 

Over 30 years experience producing quality certified seed potatoes!




Micropropagation is the process of growing seed in a controlled environment.  At Valley Tissue Culture that means a sterile lab where the process of invitro increase begins.  Since the potential for disease is very high, great care is taken to ensure an uncontaminated plantlet is sent on to the next step in the process, the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Environment and Natural Dormancy


 All Valley Tissue Culture seed stock is greenhouse grown to eliminate risk of potential undesirable pathogens.  The number of crops we produce each year is limited to one so that the natural dormancy period is respected.  This means all Valley Tissue Culture Mini Tubers have the correct dormancy for timely sprout development, and northern vigor for healthier plants. 

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Micropropagated Seed Produces Bigger Yields

Field Studies show that depending on the variety and weather conditions, micropropagated seed potatoes produce 2-5 lbs. per plant and average over 2 1/2 lbs. in dry land production.

With over 30 years experience, Valley Tissue Culture is confident that micropropagation is the best procedure that there is for seed stock production.



Our Products Meet the Highest Disease Testing Standards

As all potato growers are aware, there are many risks inherent to raising potatoes.  In spite of all the technological advances, it is impossible for any seller to warrant or guarantee that the seed potatoes it sells are free from all diseases or latent defects.

With our greenhouse grown seed, you know you're getting seed potatoes that have met the highest disease testing standards.  From laboratory to greenhouse to you the farmer, we understand the importance of disease tested seed potatoes.  Your future depends on it.

Potato pathogens we test for:

  • RS, Patro, PotLV, PLRV, PMTV, PVA
  • PVM, PVS, PVX, PVY, TSWV, Cms sp (PCR)
  • TRVsp (PCR), PSTVd (Hybr), DICKEYA

Disease testing is conducted under the supervision of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Valley Tissue Culture personnel are closely monitored for strict adherence to micropropagation procedures that assure a sanitary environment.

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Personal Service

When you buy seed potatoes from Valley Tissue Culture you are buying them from Sandi Aarestad, and it is not just because she is in charge of sales.  Sandi oversees the invitro testing and controls all greenhouse production and inventory.  Sandi also personally and immediately handles any questions or concerns her customers might have.

Sandi wants every customer to feel confident that they are getting the best possible value in the products and services that they receive from Valley Tissue Culture.

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